30 January 2015

Awesome Inflatable Pillow Lets You Use Your Phone Comfortably In The Bathtub

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The same company that brought us the flexible desk that lets you work on your laptop while lying down in bed, Thanko has surprised us with another clever product that we can use in the bathroom.

The inflatable pillow called the ‘Ofuro Demo Chotto Mottete’, loosely translates to “hold this for me in the bath”, is the company’s latest product which allows user to use their phones in the comfort of their bathtubs.

It comes with a head rest, a waterproof smartphone case to protect your phone, an inflated arm that curves 90-degree with a Velcro patch that lets you attach your smartphone.

The length of the arm is adjustable so that you can use your phone at a comfortable distance, you can also choose the sides in which you want the arm to wrap around you by flipping the pillow the other way around.

The bath pillow can double as a normal pillow too, letting you use your phone even on your bed, without having your phone fall flat on your face.

Head over here to purchase these awesome pillows for US$21.

[via RocketNews24, images via Thanko (edited by RocketNews24)]