29 April 2015

Disney Princesses With Iconic, Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles

Rapunzel with the sexy, Friends-inspired Rachel style

While all the Disney Princesses already have perfect hair, it would not really hurt them to change it up a little with new hairstyles.

For Hello Giggles’s weekly ‘Disney Mashups’ feature, illustrator Victoria Rosas has created a fun series where she imagines what some of the Disney Princesses would look like with famous celebrity-inspired hairdos.

The results are unexpectedly suitable for the various characters—for instance, Rapunzel looks right at home with Rachel Green’s well-known and much coveted crowning glory.

Head over here to view all the illustrations of Disney Princesses with iconic hair.

Pocahontas with Kylie Jenner’s turquoise ombré hair

Mulan with Farrah Fawcett’s groovy hairdo

[via Hello Giggles]