29 April 2015

Brilliant Rebranding Of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Completed In Just Five Days

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Fast Co. Design has gotten Moving Brands, a global creative agency to rebrand Hillary Clinton’s political campaign.

In just five days, the Moving Brands teams in London and San Francisco were able to create an evocative branding identity, with only a few designers, a copywriter, a brand and communications expert, and a project manager.

Without any client input for this project, the teams researched and studied what Hillary Clinton has been saying to the public—they also interviewed their colleagues to define the brand story.

“Make it real” became the essence of the brand when the team “imagined the world we would want, and it suggested that citizens come together to make that world a reality.”

The team used her first name instead of Clinton as they wanted to separate her identity from the previous Clinton administration.

Instead of designing a logo, the team has created a H-Frame system, which simply represented “H” in Hillary, rendered in electric blue and red to frame an image or text in the campaign.

Copy director Michael Meyers explained, “There’s no symbol in the world that could ever have as much equity as Hillary’s name and face. She’s an icon in her own right,”. He also added that, “We didn't want this to be called a logo. It's not just about the one symbol to represent Hillary's brand. We created a system and voice to represent Hillary's brand instead”.

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What do you think of this branding concept by Moving Brands?