29 April 2015

Hilarious Illustrations Show The Stages Women Go Through During Their Periods

“One day prior to the Moon Blood: You tear up or straight-up cry.”

Loryn Brantz of BuzzFeed has humorously illustrated the awful stages that women go through during their periods.

Naming it the ‘Moon Blood’, Lory accurately depicts the roller coaster ride of emotions that women experience, from six days prior to their period until it ends.

For instance, getting irritated by trivial matters, getting teary on the day before the Moon Blood, and having false hopes of it ending on the fifth day.

Can you relate to these illustrations?

Head over here to view all the illustrations from this piece.

“Four days prior to Moon Blood: Your super-nice co-worker hums/chews gum/breathes and you almost throw your computer at them.”

“Day 1 of Moon Blood: The Warning.”

“Day 3 of Moon Blood.”

“Day 4 of Moon Blood: The eye of the storm.”

“Day 5 of Moon Blood: Why is it that color? Should I call a doctor?”

[via BuzzFeed]