30 April 2015

Inspired By The Northern Lights, This Awesome Watch Tells Time Differently

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Who says a watch needs to have hands, buttons or numbers to indicate time? Become a trendsetter and tell time differently in an experience that’s exclusive to you only.

Inspired by natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and solar eclipses, ZIIIRO’s watches offer a unique and unconventional way of telling time.

Brighten Up Your Day With The Northern Lights On Your Wrist

Haven’t got the chance to catch the Aurora Borealis yet?

Fret not—the newly released Celeste Rose Gold watch captures the amazing phenomenon within its watch face, bringing the kaleidoscopic experience to you from your wrist. Who knew the Northern Lights could be used to tell time?

Express Your Individuality Differently

Ever had that annoying encounter of someone peeping at your screen while using your phone?

Similarly, your watch deserves an exclusive relationship with you. Doing away with numbers, hands and buttons, time-telling is a fluid and fun affair as only you know how to tell if it’s time to hit the gym, go on a coffee run or catch up with friends.

Expressing your individuality through your choice of timepiece? This is a real game-changer.

Be In The Limelight With This Awesome Conversation Starter

With such striking features, it’s hard not to take notice of the watches from ZIIIRO.

Armed with such an attractive accessory, you might suddenly find yourself making new friends and starting conversations with strangers who are interested in your time-piece.

Exude A Sense Of Mystery With An Eclipse

If the Celeste Rose Gold is too vibrant for you, how about checking out the Eclipse Metallic for some chic elegance.

Forget about waiting weeks, months or even decades for an eclipse to take place.

Launched earlier this year, the Eclipse Metallic lets the celestial event take place on your wrist.

Equipped with a patented Swiss Super-LumiNova® pigment, you can bid goodbye to temporary blindness in the dark as the time-piece provides bright illumination with its glow.

Because why not?

You don’t have to tell time with numerals or ticking hands.

You don’t have to adhere to the conventional guidelines of how a watch should look like.

Because sometimes, your time is meant to be enjoyed in the most fun way possible, without any questions asked.

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