30 April 2015

An Intriguing Branding Campaign That Is Based On A Simple Blue Rectangle

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Stockholm-based branding studio Rebels Studios has creating a simple but eye-catching campaign for ‘Size In The Park’ festival—it is based entirely on an ultra-minimalist logo that is a simple blue rectangle.

The rectangle symbolizes how the Kungstr√§dg√•rden park in Stockholm, the venue of the festival, looks like from above—according to the studio, “it’s not an obvious statement but enough to provoke a response when used in the right way”.

The campaign posters either feature the name and venue of the festival printed across the blue rectangle, or just the blue rectangle alone with tiny text at the side—interestingly enough, it is probably the more stripped-down version that would have gotten more attention, as people would want to take a closer look to find out what it is about.

Find more images of this bold branding campaign below, and read more about it here.

[via Rebels Studios]