29 April 2015

Awesome Handcrafted Highchair Inspired By ‘The Avengers’ HulkBuster Suit

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Film industry veteran Tim Baker of extreme crafting show Super-Fan Builds, along with his team of craftsmen, has built an awesome baby highchair, which is inspired by the HulkBuster suit that Tony Stark wore in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, for Natasha Vineyard and her baby daughter, Amelia.

The team added on a sturdier frame to the old highchair before assembling it with sculpted foam for the chest-piece and other parts of the suit.

The chest impressively opens up to where the baby would sit, along with a tray that could be nicely fitted, and it even comes completed with LED lighting.

Click play on the video to see the process of building this superhero-worthy highchair.

[via Cnet, AWE me, images via video screenshot]