29 April 2015

Emojis That Perfectly Describe Moments All Best Friends Share

The ‘I’ve Always Got Your Back’ Emoji—Suggested use: When some douche upsets your bestie and there’s only one person in the world who can make things better.

Ever had that encounter when you’re similarly dressed to your bestie completely by coincidence? Or perhaps sharing too many inside jokes with each other describes your friendship better.

BuzzFeed has encapsulated these moments with ‘15 Emojis All Best Friends Wish Existed’.

Check out our picks below and head on over here for more.

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The ‘Inside Joke’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you both know you don’t judge each other…just everyone else.

The ‘Twinsies!’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you both wear the same outfit completely by coincidence and DGAF.

The ‘Three Loves Of My Life’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you discover the perfect combination for a night in.

The ‘You Read My Mind’ Emoji—Suggested use: For that moment when you realize great minds think alike.

The ‘Can’t Wait To See You!’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you haven’t seen each other in forever and you’re already exploding with anticipation.

The ‘Overanalyzing Texts Together’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you need reinforcement to decipher the true meaning of a message from your crush.

The ‘Road Trip’ Emoji—Suggested use: When ditching that one-horse town with your partner in crime is an absolute necessity.

[via BuzzFeed]