29 April 2015

Revealing Portraits Of People Acting Out Their Guilty Pleasures

Daniela Duca. Guilty Pleasure: Biting finger nails. I feel guilty because my finger nails don’t look nice sometimes.

For her series ‘Guilty Pleasures’, Romanian photographer Odeta Catana asked several individuals to act out their guilty pleasures for her camera.

For Catana, her curiosity at discovering what people secretly indulge in was her impetus for embarking on this series.

Her revealing portraits feature her subjects acting out activities like bodypainting, eating children’s food and for one man, wearing women’s clothes and make-up, making for a fascinating look at what people consider to be a guilty pleasure.

Check out some portraits below and view the rest of her series here

Laurie Saulnier. Guilty pleasure: Eating children’s food. I feel guilty because I know it’s weird to do this at 23 years old.

Sonya Levin. Guilty Pleasure: Self painting. I feel guilty because it might be weird for others.

Baptiste Denaeyer. Guilty pleasure: Wearing makeup and women clothes. I feel guilty because of my womanhood.

Brenda Buyinda. Guilty Pleasure: African Clothes. I feel guilty because I don’t feel comfortable to wear them here, in Germany, outside of my house.

Cristian Dragnea. Guilty Pleasure: Burning matches and fire. I feel guilty because I like watching how the most complex things are eaten out by the fire inside.

[via Feature Shoot, images and captions via Odeta Catana]