30 April 2015

New Action Camera Lets You Preview & Edit Footage In-Camera For Faster Workflow

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In-car navigational device maker TomTom has leapt into the action camera market (albeit a tad late) with its latest gadget, the ‘TomTom Bandit’, slated to launch in June.

According to Digital Trends, the camera will cost US$399 with the differentiating feature of housing a built-in media server. This enables users to edit footage in-camera instead of having to download it onto a computer.

Using an accompanied smartphone app, video editing is made simple through automatic selection of the best shots and compilation of the various scenes into one film, simply by shaking your smartphone.

With GoPro being the dominant force in the market, Sony’s Action Cam sporting a similar in-camera Highlight Movie Maker feature, and a rise in budget action cameras from Xiaomi, Polaroid and GoPro, the competition against this new kid on the block looks stiff.

Read about the features of this new addition to the TomTom family here.

[via Digital Trends, images via TomTom]