30 April 2015

Revolutionary Drip-Free, Inside Out Umbrella Solves Rainy Day Woes

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The all-new ‘KAZbrella’ is a long-awaited redesign of the standard umbrella that ironically make it an almost-impossible task to stay completely dry while out in wet weather.

Jenan Kazim, the brains behind this revolutionary new umbrella, recognized the problematic design of conventional umbrellas that malfunction easily in heavy winds, leave us exposed to the rain and form puddles wherever it rests.

Building a robust solution that does not compromise the familiar look and usability, the umbrella features a reverse-folding frame that keeps the wet side of the canopy inwards, making it virtually drip-free.

Watch how this exciting new umbrella works in the video below, and find out more about it here.

[via Dezeen]