30 April 2015

IKEA Envisions A Refrigerator-Less Smart Kitchen In 2025, Other Innovative Ideas

In conjunction with design agency IDEO and students from Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology, IKEA has launched the project ‘Concept Kitchen 2025’.

The aim is to design the kitchen of the future by gaining ideas from the past.

The university students were invited to submit ideas for the project, taking into consideration challenges mankind may face in upcoming years including water shortage, less consumption of meat in diets and reduced living spaces.

Four students, whose ideas were selected, interned at IDEO to create a life-sized model of their future kitchen.

Three designs highlighted among the concepts include food storage via naturally insular materials such as cooling ceramic, a sink that isolates non-contaminated water that is safe for recycling, and smart tables that scan ingredients and recommend recipes accordingly.

Read more about the innovative ideas here.

[via PSFK, images via Concept Kitchen 2025]