29 April 2015

Creepy Selfie Stick Looks Like An Arm, Lets You Pretend A Friend Is With You

For those who love taking selfies, here is a new selfie stick that makes it look like someone is taking the photo for you.

Created by artists Arnic Snee and Justin Crowe, the ‘Selfie Arm’ is a combination of a selfie stick and a dummy arm that creates the illusion that a friend is taking the photo. This product is their sarcastic solution to the problem of looking alone in selfies.

The fiberglass arm, on its own, looks like it was taken off a mannequin. It is positioned to extend from the bottom of the frame so that it looks like someone is holding your hand while he or she snaps your photo.

The ‘Selfie Arm’ is currently in production, and you can get updates and read more about it here.

[via Laughing Squid, images via Justin Crowe]