30 April 2015

A Simple And Intelligent Docking Station For Your New Apple Watch

Native Union, a design company based in Hong Kong, is known for their beautiful and innovative accessories for tech devices.

Now, it has created as simple and intelligent docking station, aptly named DOCK, for your brand new Apple Watch.

On top of its subtle matte graphite aesthetic, the DOCK features a weighted base to provide a sturdy platform, a magnetic function that keeps your watch safely fastened and recharged, and an adjustable arm that allows you to find a perfect angle to use your watch while it continues to charge.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and silicone, the station weighs less than two pounds and could be the perfect companion for your Apple Watch, keeping it safe when it is not on your wrist.

Check out the features of DOCK in the images below, and find out more about it here.

[via Native Union]