30 April 2015

A Gourmet Dinner, First-Of-Its-Kind Tableware Designed For Foodie Instagrammers

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Foodies from all over the world are flocking to Israel for a continuous string of events and workshops called ‘Foodography’.

Created by Carmel Wineries—one of the oldest wineries in Israel—the concept aims to engage the younger generation of foodies who experience food through the lens of a smartphone.

A five-course dinner was created by chef Meir Adoni, owner of the renowned Catit restaurant group in Tel Aviv. The dishes are inspired by the color and concept of red wine and beautifully plated to impress Instagram-obsessed diners.

Carmel Wineries also worked with ceramic designer Adi Nissani to design two first-of-a-kind dishes—the ‘360’ which is a revolving platform that spins evenly on its axis to allow seamless video capture of every angle of the food and the ‘Limbo’ with a high backdrop element that cuts out any background interference and guarantees a flawless image every time.

Other events include a smartphone food photography workshop with Israel’s top food photographers on hand to give tips and offer advice. Michelin Star chefs, food bloggers and wine critics are also in attendance to engage with diners and talk about their experience with food photography.

Watch the video below for a taste of how the events will be like and read more on this website.

[via PSFK, Foodography]