29 April 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Filled A Room With Bubble Wrap To Get Smokers To Quit

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Considering that one's lifespan is statistically shortened by 11 minutes for every cigarette smoked, Jimmy Kimmel Live has collaborated with ‘The 11 Initiative’ to create a brilliant experience that could replace a smoking session.

Setting up on the famed sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, a machine calls for passers-by to deposit a stick of cigarette in exchange for a mysterious 11-minute experience.

Individuals who participate will be whisked into a makeshift tent, where glorious rolls of bubble wrap await them—they would then be able to fool around and have a lot of “popping” fun for the next 11 minutes.

The tent was constructed by the team behind ‘The 11 initiative’, which had previously offered a series of wonderful 11-minute experiences, such as a magic show and an interactive session with dogs.

The idea is to show smokers how much fun they can have with "an extra 11 minutes".

Watch the amusing reactions of unsuspecting individuals who experienced the bubble wrap wonderland in the video below.