29 April 2015

For Designers: How To Deal With Clients Who Don’t Pay You

Designers, have you ever had to deal with annoying clients who don’t pay you on time, or worse, don’t pay you at all?

To help you tackle this infuriating problem, Lior Frenkel of Tel Aviv-based The nuSchool has written Pay Me... Or Else!, a useful and informative guide on how to handle such situations.

Written in an engaging and no-holds-barred manner, the e-book is divided into three chapters: tactics for making clients pay up, reasons why they don’t pay, and strategies to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Containing real-life anecdotes from designer friends as well as his personal experiences, the e-book makes for a funny and relatable read for all designers out there.

Happily, it won’t cost you a single cent to obtain as Frenkel has nicely made it available to download for free.

Download a copy for yourself here, and pick up handy tips on how to handle non-paying clients like a boss.

[via The nuSchool]