29 April 2015

Cheeky Kama Sutra Illustrations Show How Sex Positions Can Help Detect Cancer

Cat (or Matt) Scan, skin cancer

To encourage people to get checked for cancer, cancer awareness initiative ‘The Cancer Sutra Project’ has created a series of cheeky Kama Sutra illustrations that teach you how to examine yourself and others for symptoms.

Humorously described as a guide to save lives “one tweak, thrust, moan, and pant at a time”, the various sex positions show they can be used to detect breast, prostate, testicular and skin cancer.

Check out some illustrations below and view the project here.

Doctor’s orders, skin cancer

Teste, teste, 1, 2, testicular cancer

Inspect-A-Pec, breast cancer

Areola 51, breast cancer

Guy-ropractor, testicular cancer

[via The Cancer Sutra]