20 April 2015

A 3D Printing Technology That Enables The Blind To 'See' Famous Paintings

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The team at Estudios Durero, a progressive printing studio based in Biscay, Spain, has developed a new technique, called “DidĂș”, that transforms digital versions of famous paintings into images that can be touched and interpreted by the blind.

This phenomenal technology aims to lift the barrier between the blind community and the world of images, allowing them to regain the sense of sight through touch.

Six different masterworks have been reproduced through this technique, and is now being exhibited at the Prado Museum, located in Madrid. This selection is available to touch, with the hope to translate the detail, volume and texture we perceive with our eyes into the tactile language understood by the blind.

Watch the fascinating and moving introduction to DidĂș below, and read more about it here.

[via Booooooom]