5 April 2015

A Fun Office Space That Merges New And Old Worlds

Paris-based architecture practice Vincent & Gloria Architectes has designed the new office of Ekimetrics, a Paris-based statistics and data analytics company.

With an office space located inside a classic Haussmann building on the iconic Champs-Élysées in Paris, Vincent & Gloria Architectes had to merge the old and the new to build a workspace that was both functional, yet forward-thinking enough to inspire employees.

To break the monotony of the space spanning 10,763 square feet, the architects added cubic structures known as the Eki.Cube, Eki.Cabin, and Eki.Truck.

The top of the Eki.Cube is an informal meeting space, while the bottom level provides a meeting room. They are connected by a staircase and a slide, as well as built-in lockers on one side of the structure.

The Eki.Cabin provides an office space for two, but also transforms to become a meeting room. Its furniture can be set up in different configurations, forming a stage, steps, or seats.

Lastly, Eki.Truck resembles a modern food truck and is where the pantry is located.

[via Design Milk, images via Arnaud Schelstraete]