6 April 2015

A Refreshing, Modern Milk Packaging That Is Based On Bold Typography

Based in Moscow, Russia, graphic design studio Ermolaev Bureau recently unveiled an unconventional packaging design for dairy product company Cheburashkini Brothers—rather than using images of pouring milk or cows, this sophisticated design is based on typography.

While the brand name is placed on the back side of the packaging, the initial letters of the various products takes center-stage on the front—the display sans serif typeface was specially made for the project.

Inspired by ancient Slavic symbols, the studio also “designed a system of symbols illustrating the whole process of farming and dairy production”—each product was also assigned just two colors, which resulted in a clean and modern look that is still very interesting graphically.

View more images of this refreshing packaging design for dairy products here.

Would you like to see these cartons, bottles and tubs on your supermarket’s shelves?

[via Ermolaev Bureau]