17 April 2015

A Useful Guide To Packing Healthy, Delicious Lunches Instead Of Eating Out

Many of us know that packing our own lunches to school and work is more cost-effective and definitely a lot more healthy than eating out, but for some reason, we are not packing our food more.

Food52's series titled "Not Sad Desk Lunch" is a great guide that will show you how easy it actually is to pack healthy and delicious lunches that you will be excited to eat.

Your grocery runs will now be a lot more focused and you will find that you commit less food wastage, feel good about knowing what exactly goes into your food, and your expenses would also be reduced greatly.

Get some ideas for starters from the images below, and read more about healthy and delicious packed lunches here.

“A Pita Party At Your Desk”

“Why You Should Eat Salads From Mixing Bowls”

“How To Pack A Jar Salad”

“Have a steamed bun, or five, for lunch”

“It’s All About The Package”

[via Not Sad Desk Lunch, images via Quartz and Not Sad Desk Lunch]