22 April 2015

Add A Futuristic Touch To Your Home With This Incredible Levitating Lightbulb

Flyte’, the newest bulb on the block, is a light that hovers in the air. Combining two technologies—magnetic levitation and induction—this light source is a extraordinary offspring of science and art.

Simon Morris, the Stockholm-based engineer of ‘Flyte’, drew inspiration for this product from his teenage fascination with magnetic levitation.

Building on the concept of Nikola Tesla’s wireless power, he began experimenting with magnetic levitation and induction technology, which ultimately led to the creation of ‘Flyte’.

The light bulb mimics the motion of an astronaut in space, freely rotating above its wooden base. It requires no batteries, and operates on low-energy LEDs that is expected to last 12 hours a day, for 11 years. When the bulb is not in use, you can place your iPhone on the wooden base to charge it through induction.

This product is currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter. View more images of it below, and find out more details here.

[via My Modern Met]