21 April 2015

‘Alternity’, An Unconventional Maternity Line For Gender-Queer Parents

Doing away with awful belly bands and ultra-feminine styles of conventional maternity wear, the new clothing company Butchbaby & Co. will soon be introducing androgynous apparel for individuals who identify more with a masculine aesthetic.

Vanessa Newman, founder of Butchbaby & Co., drew inspiration from discussions with her best friend back in college about having children in the future, and the standard choices in maternity wear available to her during pregnancy. Discovering the gap in maternity clothing for gender queer mothers-to-be, Newman and designer, Michelle Janayea, jumped on the opportunity and began working on the concept.

Comfort and functionality will play a huge role in their ‘alternity’ line, which will be presented in an 8-piece lifestyle collection that includes nursing t-shirts, oxford button-downs and nursing sports bras. The collection is anticipated to launch by winter this year.

Read more about their exciting fashion venture here.

[via New York Magazine]