9 April 2015

Amusing Oversized 3D Printed Lenses Let You Create Funny Distorted Images


San Francisco-based artists Robb Godshaw and Max Hawkins has created an amusing project titled ‘Smaller and Upside Down’.

Using 3D printers, they had created a series of large-scaled lenses that would create funny distorted images using geometric patterns.

A total of eight effects can be created with the lenses—from large ‘kawaii’ cartoon eyes, to the ‘pinch’ and ‘stretch’ ones—making digital lenses found on MacBook’s Photo Booth a reality.

The lenses will be exhibited at the Market Street Prototyping Festival, Downtown San Francisco, from 9 April through 11 April 2015.

Mouth Eyes





Head over here, and follow them their Instagram account to find out more about the project.

[via Smaller and Upside Down]