8 April 2015

Artist Creates Traditional Chinese Landscape Ink Paintings Using Rollerblades

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Fremont, California-based artist Tian Haisu burns calories while creating her black-and-white vistas.

In her ‘Landskating’ series, she combines her passion for ice skating with traditional Chinese inking, stepping onto a xuan paper rink with inline skates that are loaded with toe-fulls of ink.

She creates contrast with pauses and jumps, tapping her toes for textures and skating back and forth for emphasis, forming a unique take on each work.

Her most recent piece called ‘Blood-Line-Land’ is an ink landscape that measures 43 x 20-feet. According to Tian, despite being separated by the traditional techniques of the painting brush, ink landscaping showcases rich emotions by means of simple forms.

Watch her in action and admire her series below.

[via The Creators Project, Oddity Central and Daily Mail, video via Di studio]