8 April 2015

Artist Paints Beautiful Watercolor Portraits Of Animals She Sees In The Woods

California-based artist Janie Stapleton has created a series of beautiful animal paintings inspired by her visits to the woods.

Stapleton fell in love with the thrill of wildlife five years ago when her uncle asked, “What do you want to see outside every morning?”

Instead of fretting over a career path and heading to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to study, she went straight into the woods.

She finally followed her passion for painting after launching herself into the world of primitive skills, where she studied herbal medicine, made fire out of sticks and trapped animals with deadfalls. She said, “as I studied what I love, I began to need art again.”

Now she fills her time exploring the wild, and spending long hours painting what she sees.

Follow Stapleton’s Instagram account for more of her works.

[via Bored Panda, Janie Stapleton]