27 April 2015

Bewitching Photographs Of Bulgaria’s Underworld

Previously, we featured Rebecca Litchfield’s haunting images of ruins from the former Soviet Union from her book Soviet Ghosts.

This year, the British fine art photographer began working on a new book titled Underworld, scheduled for completion in 2018 with a limited thousand copies for sale.

The book focuses on themes such as desertion, deterioration, beauty, suffering and enchantment.

Litchfield recently published images from her visit to Bulgaria on her blog. The journey involved trudging a kilometer through knee-deep snow from the team’s vehicle to the deserted Buzludzha monument, located at the peak of the Central Balkan Mountains.

Strong winds and wet weather did not make the undertaking any easier. Although Litchfield considered this the toughest shoot in the series to date, the photographer and her team managed to brave the harsh weather to produce the captivating images below.

You can find out more about this series from Litchfield’s blog.

[via DIY Photography, images via Rebecca Litchfield]