9 April 2015

Bring Beautiful Cherry Blossoms To Any Street With Brilliant Google Maps Hack

In the month of April, people flock to Tokyo, Vancouver and even Washington D.C. to enjoy the beautiful blooming cherry trees. Japanese cosmetics brand Lux has hacked Google Maps to bring lovely cherry blossoms to any street.

Launched to to coincide with the annual blooming cycle, ‘Sakura Dream’ is a web page application that replaces flora in any Google Maps street view with sakura trees. Users can choose to view popular destinations or even their own addresses covered with the blossoming trees. Lux launched ‘Sakura Dream’ to reinforce their brand's promise to provide fresh, fragrant products, and as a tribute to Japan's cultural identity.

Although ‘Sakura Dream’ has its flaws, it allows for photo stills to be edited—with text, filter and stamp options for sharing on social media.

Head over here to see your street filled with cherry blossoms.

[via PSFK]