10 April 2015

Cheeky RSVP Card Includes Hilarious Descriptions Of Horrible Wedding Guests

The logistics of putting a wedding together is stressful at best and a nightmare at worst—and a significant part of it has to do with the guest list.

No matter how carefully you choose your guests, it seems that there are bound to be some undesirable characters that would show up—the troubles may even start before the big day itself, when you send out the RSVP cards.

To humorously show how a wedding party can go wrong, Bob Powers has created a funny wedding RSVP card for Someecards that is actually a comprehensive list of every kind of horrible guests that may get invited.

From the one who “will show up drunk, and will quickly get much drunker”, to the bride’s ex who plans to spend the whole reception staring forlornly at the happy couple, this card includes many more guests that you would not want at your wedding—the descriptions are hilarious, and surprisingly spot-on.

Scroll down to read the entire cheeky wedding RSVP card.

[via Laughing Squid]