16 April 2015

Cheeky Tissue Packs That Are ‘Dressed’ In Bras, Panties, Other Clothes

Packaging designs for tissue are rarely worth a second look—however, that is definitely not the case with the paper towels by Nexavar, a brand that is based in Xiamen, China.

Taking inspiration from how tissue, like clothing, are intimate objects that we use everyday—in the sense that they come into “direct contact with human skin”—creative agency 4ye Design decided to “dress up” these tissue packs in various pieces of clothing.

The most amusing of these tissue pack designs would have to be the ones that are printed with “intimates” like bras and panties—there are also other designs that show the packs “wearing” clothing items such as a business shirt and a tie.

View more images of this playful packaging design below and over here.

[via Packaging Of The World]