14 April 2015

Colorful Posters Send Strong Environmental Messages Using Just Emojis

With the increasing use of social media in helping causes gain exposure, Naresh Ramchandani from design firm Pentagram has taken a bold step to design striking emoji-based placards called ‘Earthmojis’ for a recent People's Climate March in London.

Signs were made using emojis from iOS devices, with minor tweaks to the graphics. For instance, an X superimposed on a car emoji on top of a bike was a call to end a predominantly car culture. With bright colors as the background, the placards were eye-catching and stood out against other cardboard signs.

The signs are a brilliant and simple way to use easily recognisable emojis as visual cues to convey the essentials of environmental issues, to provoke further action or discussion.

Read more on the Pentagram website.

[via PSFK, Pentagram]