15 April 2015

Compelling Photos Show What It’s Like For Children To Live With A Hoarder

Omaha-based Geoff Johnson’s photo series is a form of catharsis for the photographer.

Titled ‘Behind the Door’, the photos shed light on the living conditions that he and his sister Jennifer grew up in, and what it is like to be living with a parent who is a hoarder.

With his childhood home as the setting, it was also Johnson’s first time back at the house since his departure in 1995.

He wrote that he wanted to use “art to express (his) feelings and share a little bit about children living with hoarders.”

He also stated that this project “gives a sense of what it was like ‘hiding’ behind the door whenever someone comes to the house.”

Nevertheless, Johnson expressed that the focus of this series was never about his parent. But rather, it’s about the children who grew up in such an environment.

According to Feature Shoot, this personal project “empowered him to recognize, to heal, and perhaps most of all, to forgive what happened in the past.”

Check out some photos below and head on over here for more.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Geoff Johnson]