28 April 2015

Couple Spent 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining Island To Live Off-Grid

Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King has built a beautiful floating home that is completely off-grid, in the northeast of Tofino, British Colombia.

The ‘Freedom Cove’ was first built in 1992 when they used the lumber from trees that had fallen over in a winter storm—now they live together with their two children on 12 platforms that stay afloat using old fish-farm technology. The island includes a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse, five greenhouses and a studio.

The family feeds on the crops produced from half an acre of gardening space, food from the fresh catches of the ocean, and drinking water from a nearby waterfall.

The couple spends their time exploring their artistic passion—Adams is a carver, while King is a painter, dancer, writer, and musician. Their home will be opened to visitors from June to September 2015.

Head over here to find out more about the Floating Cove.

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