13 April 2015

Creative Director Offers 5 Tips For Better Branding

Creative director Chris Moody reveals five principles of branding that have helped guide Londoon-based design agency Wolff Olins.

Moody has spoken to Creative Bloq and shared five tips for better branding. Firstly, he advises to keep branding unresolved, so that others can meddle with it. This is seen in how Wolff Olins simplified the Virgin Media logo into something simple, allowing people to better the brand themselves.

Another tip is what Moody calls to "follow the butterfly"—which is to know what your design strengths are and what the world needs and work on the overlapping portion. For Skpe, they helped the young, fresh start-up transform into a mature company by helping them understand their role.

Find out the rest of Moody's tips here.

[via Creative Bloq, images via Wolff Olins]