14 April 2015

Dutch Airline Launches Snacks That Come With Plane Tickets To Exciting Places

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Dutch airline Transavia is revolutionising the low cost travel market by introducing #SnackHolidays.

Their snack products come with an air ticket and is available for purchase in Carrefour City and with vendors Selecta and Cinema Mk2 in France—these would go on sale from 14 to 21 April 2015.

The snacks include a pack of crisps, a cereal bar or a bag of candy. The packaging contains a code that participants can enter on the SnackHolidays website, allowing them to access the information they need to get tickets to Barcelona, Dublin or Lisbon later in the year.

Watch a short promo clip below or visit their website for more information.

[via Golem13, Transavia]