20 April 2015

Empty Wheelchair Chases Shoppers To Raise Awareness For Osteoporosis

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“54 million Americans have osteoporosis. Many won’t know until they break a bone. By then it’s often too late: 50% of women who break a hip never walk on their own again.”

‘Beware the Chair’ is a prank-cum-awareness campaign to help raise awareness for osteoporosis. In this campaign, a remote-controlled wheelchair chased various people around a mall in New York. These people were chased because they chose to ignore fliers on the disease.

“Osteoporosis is sneaky”, wrote the video’s description. “Millions of people are at risk and don’t even know it. Until they break a bone. Which happens a lot. Every 3 seconds, to be exact. And half of the people who break a hip never walk on their own again. Let’s break that pattern. Help people stand up against osteoporosis. Before they can’t.”

To find out more about this campaign, visit its website here.

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[via Adweek]