9 April 2015

(Even) More Awesome Fonts Art Directors Should Add To Their Collection

After putting together the last two instalments of awesome fonts that designers and art directors would love to have in their collection, we are back once again with a series of visually striking typefaces that would work wonders for your projects.

In this article, we bring creatives a bunch of gorgeous fonts that range in style from hand-written to geometric, whimsical to scholarly.

1. Beats

Beats is a distinctive new hand-drawn font that has been made with a unique tool—the ‘Colapen’, which is created by cutting up cans of Coca-Cola. It has been specially made for lettering and logo projects.

2. Bladekade

A creation of the Maghrib Lab, the Bladekade is a stencil script font that features a pleasing hand-made style that would look great on posters and clothing.

3. Moon

Simpled, rounded and inspired by the outer space, the Moon font is versatile and casually elegant. Available in both thin and bold variations, it is free to download for personal use.

4. Big John / Slim Joe

Big John / Slim Joe are a pair of sister fonts that create a bold contrast when placed together, with the latter being an ultra light version of the former. Geometric and modern, they are designed to make a strong visual impact.

5. Vintage & Eroded

Pretty as a flower, the Vintage & Eroded font features lovely letterforms that are made up of beautiful, vibrant blooms.

6. Questa Grande

Designed for legibility with a high contrast, Questa Grande is an elegant and functional serif font that would be very much at home when used in an academic publication.

7. Brixton Line

Starting out as fun typographic experiments, the Brixton Line font mimics the chalkboard effect and is perfect for use in motivational posters.

8. Blogger Sans

Created primarily for use in websites’ headlines, the Blogger Sans reflects the graphic aesthetics of the computer age.

9. Rafale

Made in all caps, the Rafale is an attention-grabbing font that is designed as a display type titles, headlines and posters.

10. PT Sans

Designed for readability, the authoritative-looking PT Sans is available in numerous variations that would come in handy for reports and other official documents.

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