16 April 2015

Explore Legendary Abbey Road Studios Of The Beatles’ Fame With Google

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Beatles fans, you’re in for a treat—Abbey Road Studios and Google have partnered to create ‘Inside Abbey Road’, an interactive website that lets you explore the legendary recording studio.

Until this collaboration, walking on the famous crossing was the closest fans could get to the studio.

Fans around the world will be able to explore its three main studios and one mastering suite, learn about its stories, and play with the equipment online.

The website features over 150 different 360-degree panoramic images, and visitors can watch YouTube videos and view images from its archives.

Abbey Road Studios producer Giles Martin said, “This collaboration with Google gives the outside world a great insight into the everyday workings of the studio and allows anyone to glimpse the magic that goes on inside the world’s most famous recording studio.”

“With Inside Abbey Road, we wanted to open the doors to the iconic music studio for anyone in the world to step inside and experience the stories, the sounds, the people and the equipment that make Abbey Road Studios what it is today,” added Tom Seymour, Google Creative Lab project leader.

Watch an introductory video below, and head here to experience the recording studio for yourself.

[via LLBOnline, video via Google UK, images via Inside Abbey Road]