5 April 2015

Film And Video Game Artist's Sketchbook Reveals His Creative Vision

Famous for his stunning digital graphics for video games like inFamous, Fallout 3, The Sims 4 and Dinobots for Transformers: Age of Extinction, a peek into the sketchbooks of concept artist Wesley Burt reveal more of his artistic mastery and vision.

Working for San Fracisco-based studio Massive Black, Burt is a fan of sketching on paper in a Moleskine or Bristol pad. He recently opened his sketchbook for Creative Bloq and his sketches are amazing, showing his attention to detail and wild imagination.

His sketches are born out of his reimprovision of existing characters, or inspired by things he sees on the street like one of a wall of luchadore masks which he saw in a storefront in the Mission district in San Francisco.

Head over to his website to view more of his stunning work.

[via Creative Bloq]