28 April 2015

Five Simple Ways That Science Can Help You To Become A Better Designer

While many people would think that design is more related to the arts, the field can actually benefit greatly from an understanding of science—in particular, an insight into human psychology can help designers to do better, more effective work.

In an article for ‘Canva Design School’, freelance writer and neuroscientist Andrew Tate shows how scientific research can help you become a brilliant designer in five easy ways.

Citing research projects and experiments that have been conducted to study how people think and behave in various situations, he pointed out ways in which designers can use such knowledge to create designs that help to bring about positive, desirable outcomes.

For instance, knowing that people are more likely to make the choice you want if they feel like they have ownership over their decisions, designers can take care to offer greater control to the user by giving them multiple options, who will be happier with their pick and value it more.

For more fascinating information about how science can make you a better designer, read the entire article here.

Do you think that you would apply these scientific research to your design work?

[via Canva Design School]