8 April 2015

Funny Book Imagines ‘99 Problems’ Jay Z Has To Face As A Superstar

UK illustrator Ali Graham of the Tumblr blog 99 Problems has turned his funny illustrations into a newly released book.

Taking inspiration from Jay Z’s most successful singles of all time, Graham imagines all 99 situations that the rapper has to deal with everyday—for instance, a brain freeze from eating an ice cream—and some not-so-everyday ones, like the fear of flying with Superman.

His book will feature illustrations seen on his Tumblr blog, along with 20 quirky new ones.

He told Fast Co., “I wanted a lot of the problems to have a few layers to them, so that hardcore fans will notice subtle references, but people stumbling across the project at a glance will just enjoy a cute, fun image too.”

Head over here to pre-order the book.

[via Fast Co. Create and 99 Problems]