6 April 2015

Funny Greeting Cards That Help You Convey Your Very Neutral Feelings

If you are not the kind who are comfortable with sentimentality but would still like to convey your appreciation for the people you care about, these humorous greeting cards by Dizzy Cactus may be just what you need.

Each of these simple cards has a neutral statement printed on its cover, to let its recipient know that they are “all right” without any emotional excess—for instance, the messages include “I tolerate you”, “You are adequate” and “Your existence pleases me”.

While these cards may appear to be for people that you have lukewarm feelings about, we think that they would probably be a lot more appropriate for those you actually love and know that you are just trying to annoy them.

You can purchase these “neutral cards” here in sets of three and six.

[via Trendhunter]