10 April 2015

Funny Posters Show The Things Clients Say When They Want Cheaper Creative Work

Based in Mumbai, India, creative agency Pixel Fox Studios has created a series of funny typographic posters to highlight some of the things that clients say when they want to pay less for creative work.

From “This is just a 5 minutes job” to “Give us a complimentary logo along with the website”, these “Client Bargaining Tactics” are believed to be commonplace in the industry—if you are a creative, have you heard any of these lines?

Each poster in the series is also accompanied by a witty hashtag that reflects the studio thinks about these tactics—for instance, when a client says, “There are more projects lined up - charge extra next time”, chances are “#NextNeverComes”.

Scroll down to view some of our favourites, or head over here to view the entire collection.

[via Digital Synopsis]