7 April 2015

Grainy Video Of Montreal In The 90s Is The ‘World's First’ Hyperlapse Video

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We are used to watching time-lapse videos like this beautiful video of Austria or this one that condenses 75 hours of illustration into two minutes.

In the early 1990s, filmmaker Guy Roland created the hyperlapse technique on Super 8 mm film and made a short film called Pacer in Montreal, although the term “hyperlapse” was not coined till 2012. This video is a follow-up to a previous film titled Pace.

The best part is that this was before the rise of digital photography. The only copy of Pacer was a low quality version that got transferred to 2K resolution and remastered early this year. The video has a grainy look and plays like an almost trippy look at Montreal in the 1990s.

Watch the world's first hyperlapse video below.

Pacer from NBD creative on Vimeo.

[via Slate, screen captures via Vimeo]