28 April 2015

Graphic Ads Show Animals Can’t Be Manufactured, Highlight Need To Protect Them

Y&R Paris has created two striking graphics depicting the manufacture of two endangered species–the elephant and the whale–using a 3D printer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW).

According to Golem13, the number of elephants in Africa has dwindled to a meager 500,000 from the 10 million strong that once roamed the continent at the start of the century. In Asia, only a few thousand elephants exist today. Approximately 30,000 elephants are poached annually to feed the lucrative ivory trade.

As for the marine mammals, the global ban on commercial whaling has not eradicated the slaughter of these gentle giants completely. Hundreds of whales are still harpooned each year by Norway, Iceland and Japan.

Aimed at targeting technology-savvy youths, the illustrations aim to drive home the message that not all things can be fixed by technology, and that nature is a miracle we cannot take for granted.

These two ads are but the first of more collaborations between Y&R Paris and IFAW.

[via Golem13, images via IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare]