20 April 2015

Graphic Designer Creates Brilliant Brand Identity To Promote Himself

To reestablish himself in the design community, and to project a more professional image, London-based graphic designer Kyle Robertson recently embarked on a fun project to rebrand himself.

Cheekily dubbed ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’, it features a crest created from Robertson’s signature, eye-catching typography, a classy ochre and gray color palette, and a newspaper featuring his best projects.

The creative also came up with specially designed stationery and a responsive website showcasing his skills, experience and contact information.

Aside from the impressive effort and attention to detail, his project is a great way to stand out from the competition—who knows, it might even inspire you to create your own unique brand identity and portfolio.

Check out some images of his project below, and learn more about how he put it together here. What do you think—isn’t it a brilliant way to promote himself?

[via Kyle Robertson]