20 April 2015

Graphic Designer Creates Clever Posters That Sum Up Entire Movies In Two Frames

Graphic designer Viktor Hertz has come up with a series of clever posters, summing up entire films in two frames.

From Star Wars to Pulp Fiction and A Clockwork Orange, the Sweden-based freelancer wrote: “I’ve been working with pictograms since I started doing graphic design. However, this time I wanted to come up with a completely new concept—so, I tried to depict movies in just two still frames. Think of it as an extremely short film, summarizing the story and visualizing the changes the characters go through.”

Hertz told My Modern Met, “I thought it would be a fun experiment, to involve Kickstarter backers right from the start, and let them get insight on my ideas, and choose which one of them I should go for next. I guess I wanted it to be a bit exclusive too, to actually be a part of the whole thing from the very start, instead of just buying some already finished products. I presented three different ideas, all involving pictograms in some way, and in the end, they wanted to see more of the ‘two-frame pictogram movie posters’.”

He also added, “I really enjoyed making all of the characters, as it was pretty much the first time I dug into the small details and colors like this, instead of just working with silhouettes and black and white. It’s been very satisfying from the start, and I’m really happy with the result. Which is not very often, I should add, so I hope other people will enjoy them, too!”

Head on over to Kickstarter to check out the entire project.

[via My Modern Met, images via Viktor Hertz]