9 April 2015

Hard-Hitting Photos Of People Struggling With Regret, Isolation, Dark Emotions

Mexican-American photographer Alec Dawson has a hard-hitting photo series that many of us can relate to.

Titled ‘Nobody Claps Anymore’, the collection features individuals battling ‘emotional cancers’—feelings of isolation, regret, anxiety and depression.

He wrote: “It is my de facto art therapy. My photographic works are about internal emotional dramas which often reveal themselves in quiet solitary moments in people’s homes. I use cinematic lighting to dramatize these moments.”

Dawson also told PetaPixel that the scenes in the images are “authentic and unconstructed.”

He said, “What I simply do is choose the scene in (the subjects’) homes, adjust the lighting and ask them to pose in a particular manner.”

Check out some photos from the series below and head on over here for more—some images may be NSFW.

[via PetaPixel, images via Alec Dawson]