24 April 2015

Haunting Anti-Gun Violence Ad Features Statues Of Victims Wearing Their Clothes

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The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence has launched ‘The Unforgotten’, a mobile campaign featuring faceless statues of eight victims of gun violence.

The statues are dressed in the victims’ own actual clothing, and the campaign includes a petition garnering signatures to fight against gun violence.

Created by advertising agency FCB Chicago, each statue comes equipped with a name tag that enables viewers to gain access to video footage of the victim’s life via a mobile app.

The first exhibit took place early this month at Chicago’s St. James Cathedral Plaza. Plans to display the installations in other cities within Illinois and the country are currently in the works.

The video below includes interview footage with the victims’ family members and provides more information on the campaign.

[via Adweek, video via Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence]